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Prescription Drug Card

Prescription Drug Card

Save up to 75 percent on prescription medications

There’s no doubt that prescription drugs are expensive these days. You don’t want to go without the medications you need, though, because they cost too much. Luckily, there is a solution: a prescription drug card that lets holders save up to 75 percent on prescriptions as part of the PA Fire & EMS Recruitment and Protection Plan.

Enjoy the many features of the prescription drug card

This card is available at no cost and offers many benefits:

  • It’s accepted at all major pharmacy chains, including 50,000 outlets across the US.
  • Average savings are 40-45 percent, with some discounts even higher.
  • There is no application, nor is there a waiting period or enrollment process.
  • The card is instantly activated upon first use.
  • There are no claims forms or other paperwork for the user to complete.
  • The card can be used as often as the user likes.
  • There is no expiration date for the discount card.
  • The card can even be used for pet prescriptions.

This is an ideal way to shave expenses with high deductible healthcare plans or when the user has no health insurance.

The discount card can be printed off the website or used virtually after being uploaded to a mobile device. The only stipulation is that it cannot be used in conjunction (AKA stacked) with another prescription card. The user can simply see which of the cards they have gives them the best price on a prescription and use that.

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